क्यों टेंशन मे हैं Cristiano Ronaldo ?

Today, few moments ago a another good video entitled क्यों टेंशन मे हैं Cristiano Ronaldo ? was published by the youtube channel: India News Sports

As written in the page by India News Sports: Star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has tested positive for the novel coronavirus. It has been said by the federation that Ronaldo is currently showing no symptoms of Covid-19 and is doing well. As a result of the test, Ronaldo is in isolation and has been dropped from Portugal’s squad for their Nations League match against Sweden on Wednesday.\n#footbal # cristiano ronaldo #corona positive\n\n\n\nIndia News Sports, a precious gift for the sports-loving people from ITV Network (India News). Sports coverage in a different way \u0026 Basic knowledge of sports

Watch the video below:

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