⚪️ Robert Brockman Evaded $2 Billion In Taxes [ 🤑 ]

Today, a few time ago a another video called ⚪️ Robert Brockman Evaded $2 Billion In Taxes [ 🤑 ] was published by the channel: Mr.Santini

As informed in the by Mr.Santini: Robert T. Brockman was so paranoid that the Internal Revenue Service would catch on to his scheme, prosecutors said, that in June 2016 the Texas billionaire allegedly ordered his offshore money handler to travel the United States destroying paper evidence and electronic media with shredders and hammers.\n\n 0:15 One Month Anniversary \n 1:30 Robert Brockman\n 3:56 Al Capone \n 8:40 Struggling With Maths\n15:00 PS5 User Experience Video \n15:50 I Failed!\n19:00 Trump In Miami\n19:50 Guntman’s Afraid Of Biden\n46:58 Batman Has A Question \n48:30 Amy Coney Barrett\n55:30 Wrap It Up

Check Out the video below:

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