✅ Attenborough in warning to humanity with new extinction documentary

few moments ago a another great video titled ✅ Attenborough in warning to humanity with new extinction documentary was published by the channel: TheDuragizer

As published in the by TheDuragizer: 💖 Please Visit: https://www.facebook.com/Scathc/\r\n💖 Please Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClEevGmf33vYl8yJtFZFObA?sub_confirmation=1\r\n✍  LONDON, Sept 12 — Renowned TV naturalist David Attenborough, in a new documentary, gives his starkest warning yet for humanity to safeguard species from mass extinction for the sake of our own survival.  His one-hour film Extinction: The Facts, airing tomorrow on the BBC in Britain, does not hold back in portraying the devastating consequences of mankind’s encroachment on natural habitats — and draws a clear link to pandemics such as the coronavirus crisis.   It comes after international experts warned in a report this week that global animal, bird and fish populations have plummeted more than two-thirds in less than 50 years due to humanity’s rampant over-consumption.  “We are facing a crisis,” Attenborough warns at the start of the documentary, according to the BBC, “and one that has consequences for us all”.  The broadcaster said the programme contained “horrific scenes of destruction”, such as monkeys leaping from trees into a river to escape a huge fire. In another, a koala …\r\n💖 #documentary, #davidattenborough, #extinctionthefacts

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