🍁LIVE WEATHER FORECAST & LIGHTNING Map🍁 (07.19.20)#canada #weatherforecast #wx #summer #onstorm

just a few time ago a another amazing video titled 🍁LIVE WEATHER FORECAST & LIGHTNING Map🍁 (07.19.20)#canada #weatherforecast #wx #summer #onstorm was uploaded by: Engineer Corner

As published in the description by Engineer Corner: Welcome to the Live Weather Cam located in Southern, Ontario, Canada. You never know what type of weather you may expect. I’m sure you’ll see strong thunderstorms, high winds, heavy rain, hail, possible tornadoes from our spring \u0026 summer storms. This area is considered one of Canada’s Tornado Alley. The main camera is currently pointing north-west (Towards Lake Huron).\n\nYou may also see our local wildlife including Deer, Skunks, Raccoon’s, Coyotes, Groundhogs, Squirrels, Canadian Geese, Birds \u0026 many other animals on this stream at night. More detailed information below.\n\nPlease share to help us grow! If you enjoy this video please like \u0026 subscribe. \n\nThank you for watching.\n\nLive Stream Rules:\n——————————\n1. Be nice \n2. No Profanity \n3. No spamming\n4. Inappropriate behavior will be reported to the proper authorities. \n\n\n——————————————————————–\nHelp us grow! \n——————————————————————–\nDid you enjoy this content? We would like to expand the network of live #weather cameras \u0026 wildlife cameras throughout locations in Ontario, Canada to bring you more great streams. But, we can’t do it alone. \n\nI would like to expand our camera of networks with others. By creating a small fund I could create a small, wireless, solar panel, weatherproof, live stream cam, or still shot images. It would also include an SD card for recording 1080P for high-quality use. This would be distributed to the meteorologists/chasers/wx in the field. All data would be directly sent to the server and distributed to the main server. The user would be able to save data via 1080SD Card.\n\nEventually, I will eventually add a wind speed meter (anemometer), live temperature gauge, pressure sensors \u0026 humidity sensors \u0026 weight holding the unit securely into the ground. The camera system would be deployed while on the road or in your backyard for example while an incoming storm is moving in. This is a very important project in the sense, more people can study the science behind dangerous storms and better predict the path of the storms.\nWe will be able to provide valuable information from these units to WX Chasers/Meteorologists, Researches (Depending on use weather/wildlife) Then the end-user can upload the data to our servers and we can distribute the data correctly to the appropriate authorities. \n\nIf one is interested, they could stream a live weather cam \u0026 help the public \u0026 save lives. By creating this network we could provide valuable information to the officials \u0026 the public. You may use this camera on any platform. \n\nSupercell/Tornadic/Rotating storms can be very dangerous, especially at night. Check out this example: https://youtu.be/cITaWx4Xbt0?t=131\n\nAll donations will go directly to the supplies to build the units. When this projected begins, weekly videos will be made available on the channel. Please subscribe for updates.\n\nWhy? \n———————–\nSupercell/Tornadic/Rotating storms can be very dangerous, especially at night. Check out this example: https://youtu.be/cITaWx4Xbt0?t=131\n\nEvery year Canadians/Americans are killed by Tornadoes/Dangerous storms. We are currently studying these systems to better understand the science behind Tornadoes. Even though Tornadoes have been around for many years, scientists, meteorologists, wx chasers are constantly learning new science behind weather systems, tornadoes, supercell storms, etc.\nThe most important part is the entire project is to inform the public \u0026 save lives.\n\nDonation: https://streamlabs.com/engineercorner…\nPaypal: https://paypal.me/engineercorner\n\nYou could save lives! Thank you for considering \u0026 have a great day.\n\nCredits:\nWindy.Com – Weather Widget for your website/project

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