🎥 Question on the Veterans ID Card

few time ago a new video called 🎥 Question on the Veterans ID Card was revealed by the channel: Jason McCartney

As written in the youtube page by Jason McCartney: On behalf of fellow Military Veterans, Jason asked for update on the roll out of the Veterans ID Card from the Minister Johnny Mercer.\n\nJason McCartney MP\n\nI declare an interest as a Royal Air Force veteran and as honorary president of the Royal Air Forces Association in Huddersfield. \n\nWill the Minister please update the House on the phase 2 roll-out of the ID card for military veterans? Having spoken to fellow veterans, they tell me that having this ID card will give them real confidence in trying to access support services, including NHS services.\n\nJohnny Mercer MP\n\nI pay tribute to my hon. and gallant Friend for pursuing this issue. \n\nA new veterans ID card was launched in February 2019. Service leavers are currently getting that veterans railcard. \n\nThere are challenges around future proofing and safeguarding against fraudulent use, which means that the process of rolling out phase 2 to existing veterans is taking longer than I had hoped, but I hope to have some progress for him by the end of the year.\n\nhttps://www.jasonmccartney.com/news/question-veterans-id-card

Watch the video below:

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