1000 IQ HACKER SNAKE vs -10 IQ SNAKES! // Epic Slitherio Gameplay & Funny Moments

a few moments ago a another great video entitled 1000 IQ HACKER SNAKE vs -10 IQ SNAKES! // Epic Slitherio Gameplay & Funny Moments was posted by the Youtuber: TARGET

As informed in the youtube description by TARGET: My name is Target, I’m a professional slitherio player. I record all the videos on my channel myself. I try to produce high quality and unique content by making high scores. I also do 10-15 hours of editing to make these videos the funniest I’ve ever created. We work day and night to make the content that I create the funniest and greatest. I hope you’ll be enjoy πŸ™‚

7-8 hours of recording and 10-15 hours of editing but I love it.

β€’ Game info:
Slitherio is a massively multiplayer browser game. Players control the character like a snake, leaving more colorful pieces behind when the snake goes fast if it becomes too big in the game; the main goal of the game is to become the server’s longest snake.

Clan : γ€–π“£π“£γ€—πŸŽ―
γ€–π“£π“£γ€—πŸŽ― T A R G E T
Clan Group : https://goo.gl/MwuEJp
Instagram : https://goo.gl/89sB8y
Facebook 1: https://goo.gl/13oIb9
Facebook 2: https://goo.gl/KHkuJ0
Twitter : https://goo.gl/j4yvMy

Music Channel:
Goblins From Mars

Watch the video :

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