14 Stations of the Cross with Pope Francis – Fourteenth Station

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As published in the video description by St Mary of the Angels – SMOTA: Stations of the Cross with Pope Francis – Fourteenth Station

Join us as we embark on the final station of a very special Lenten reflection, with the Friars of St Mary of the Angels.

Find a quiet space, set aside a time to go into deep reflection with the meditations and reflections of Pope Francis, who wrote these Stations of the Cross in Assisi which he visited after he was elected Pope.

St. Francis of Assisi, the founder of the Franciscan order, authored Stations of the Cross that popularized the devotion throughout the world. Let us celebrate this Lenten tradition with our Holy Father, Pope Francis, as we meditate and pray with him.

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A Call for Generosity

Just as St Francis listened to the call of Christ to rebuild the church, let us do our part to build the kingdom of God by performing small acts of kindness and love.

In light of the suspension of all masses, we appeal to the generosity of our parishioners to continue to contribute to the needs of the church, in maintaining the running costs of the church. Our online donation facility, PayNow, is also now ready for use.

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As we enter into our Lenten journey, let us use this time of silence to pray for ourselves, our loved ones and our community that we may reflect the love of God in our lives.

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