2020 NCAA Football Schedule: Week 2 – GlassTurf

Today, few time ago a brand new video titled 2020 NCAA Football Schedule: Week 2 – GlassTurf was uploaded in the channel: GlassTurf

As informed in the video description by GlassTurf: NCAA Football Week 2 schedule for Thursday, September 10 – Saturday, September 12, 2020.\n\n20 Games are scheduled. \n\nAll start times are based on Eastern Standard Time (EST). If you live in a different time zone, subtract the start time by your time zone.\nExample:\nCentral (CST) = -1 hour\nMountain (MST) = -2 hours\nPacific (PST) = -3 hours\nAlaskan/Aleutian (AST) = -4 hours\nHawaiian (HST) = -5 hours\n\nThe great Fall tradition is here! Let your true colors shine!\nIf you guys are interested in this channel, please hit Subscribe.\n\nAll media rights belong to their respective companies.\nNo Copyright infringement intended, this episode was made for entertainment purposes only.\n\nGlassTurf 2020

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