5 things WILL happen after stock split | Tesla stock split

Today, few minutes ago a brand new video entitled 5 things WILL happen after stock split | Tesla stock split was posted in the channel: Chicken Genius Singapore

As written in the youtube page by Chicken Genius Singapore: Tesla Stock Split Announced. What does a stock split means for a stock, what are the things that will affect the stock price and how will tesla stock move after this announcement?\n\nLinks used:\nhttps://finance.zacks.com/stock-price-typically-up-after-forward-split-1189.html\n\nhttps://ir.tesla.com/news-releases/news-release-details/tesla-announces-five-one-stock-split\n\nArticle on Business Times:\nhttps://twitter.com/pakpakchicken/status/1293112931865882624\n\nElon’s Tweet on stock split:\nhttps://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1278172605477007360?lang=en\n\nOptions video on covered Puts:\nhttps://youtu.be/YyhGOcLNoJ8\n\nTaiwan Investing School:\nhttps://youtu.be/XGmv1iPT_fk

Check Out the video :

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