Apple Watch Series 6 & SE — Tech Reviewer Reacts!

Today, few moments ago a brand new video entitled Apple Watch Series 6 & SE — Tech Reviewer Reacts! was posted in the channel: Rene Ritchie

As published in the page by Rene Ritchie: Apple Watch Series 6 is here!. But first, lower your monthly phone bill and get a $25 credit at\n\nThe September 2020 Apple Event is over and here’s what we got:\n\nApple Watch Series 6 is the latest, greatest new wearable tech with features like blood oxygen level, brighter always-on display, faster charging, and new colors from blue to red to graphite.\n\nApple Watch SE is a almost all of the best for quite a bit less. It has the new design, features like fall detection and emergency calling, but no blood oxygen, no ECG, and no always-on display.\n\nApple Watch 3 is even sticking around as the ultimate entry-level. And Family Setup will let you add your kids and elderly parents, and stay connected, how and when you need to.\n\nIt’s what’s new in Apple Watch 2020 and I’m going to explain it all to you!\n\n#AppleWatchSeries6 #AppleWatchSE #AppleEvent\n\nSUBSCRIBE\n\n🔔\n\n\n\nSPECIAL THANKS\n\nPatreon supporters who help make these videos possible: \n\nLuminous Moose, Daniel Pasco, Jeffrey David Marraccini, Bill Duenges, Chad Valencia, Odi Kosmatos, Mark Lussier, Martin Perry, Connor Porter, Christopher Wiggins, Jon Wheeler, Josef, Frederick Lakes Jr., Steven Perry, Scott Graham, Aziz Rahman, Nick Florez, Robert Simplicio, Ruben Flores, Philippe Bueche, Michael Dreves, Sam Fingold, Front Page Tech, Sven Jasper, Clive, Kyle Giglio, Lance Advanced, Sridhar Ayala\n\nGet access to exclusive Discord, previews, and the opportunity to see your name in the credits:\n\n🙏\n\nREFERENCES\n\n\nMORE\n\n⭐️ Nebula:\n🐦 Twitter:\n📸 Instagram:\n🌎 Web:\n🍎 Podcasts:\n🌥 Overcast:\n👖 Pocket Cast:\n\nThanks for watching, see you next video!

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