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Today, just a few minutes ago a another great video entitled Aquapark Zalewski | All Water Slides was published by the channel: WaterTube

As informed in the youtube page by WaterTube: Insane Trapdoor Aqualoop Water Slide, Funnel Water Slide and Multimedia Water Slide at Hotel Zalewski Mrzeżyno in Poland. It is a hotel aquapark opened in June 2020. In addition to 3 amazing slides, there is also a sports pool with an underwater window through which we can admire the entrance to the aquapark, a recreational pool, several jacuzzis and a zone with attractions for children.\n\n0:00 – Funnel Water Slide\n1:30 – Aqualoop Trapdoor Water Slide \n3:33 – Multimedia Water Slide\n4:23 – Aquapark Walk Through\n\n💦 💦 💦 \nWaterTube is a place where you can find Water Slides POV videos from the highest water slides, the fastest water slides and most extreme water slides in the world! We do not skip any place, so sometimes we also visit smaller water parks and check if their slides give as much fun as in huge aquaparks. \n💙 Facebook:\n\n🎥 Check OUR PLAYLISTS!\n💦 All Water Slides in short videos –\n🌍 All Water Slides Compilations –

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