Are Manchester United a shambles on and off the pitch? | MOTD2

Today, few time ago a brand new video called Are Manchester United ‘a shambles’ on and off the pitch? | MOTD2 was posted by the Youtuber: BBC Sport

As written in the video description by BBC Sport: Match of the Day’s Alan Shearer, Jermaine Jenas and Mark Chapman debate the current situation at Manchester United, with the team suffering a humiliating 6-1 home defeat to Tottenham Hotspur on the eve of the transfer deadline for Europe’s major leagues.\n\nCan a few last minute signings really turn things around at Old Trafford?\n\n=============\r\n\r\nSUBSCRIBE so you never miss out on our best videos\r\n➡️➡️ \r\n\r\nUploads every Monday – Wednesday – Friday.\r\n\r\n=============\r\n\r\nFind us here: \r\n\r\nBBC Sport: \r\nFacebook: \r\nTwitter: \r\nInstagram:\r\n\r\n#BBCSport #MOTD #MUFC\r\n\nAre Manchester United ‘a shambles’ of a football club? | MOTD2

Watch the video :

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