Arsenal Cryptic Hunt HOW TO GUIDE! | Roblox Arsenal

Today, just a few minutes ago a brand new video called Arsenal Cryptic Hunt HOW TO GUIDE! | Roblox Arsenal was posted by the Youtuber: CaptainJackAttack

As informed in the video description by CaptainJackAttack: I put together a neat little guide in order to help you understand how to get the free cryptic skins during the Arsenal Cryptic Hunt in the Arsenal Summer Update. Timestamps below if you need to find a specific skin. I hope it helps!

Table of Contents
0:00 Intro and Info
1:05 How to get Wendigo
1:55 How to get Fire Golem
2:34 How to get BigFoot
3:27 How to get Demon Pair
4:49 How to get Chupacabra

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Awesome background music from Chuki Beats! Thanks bro!

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