Back to School Bulletin Board for Classroom Decoration

Today, a few minutes ago a brand new video called Back to School Bulletin Board for Classroom Decoration was published by the Youtuber: Preschool Ideas, Enjoy Learning

As written in the video page by Preschool Ideas, Enjoy Learning: Excited to share the latest addition to my #etsy shop: Teachers School Back to School Bulletin Board For Preschool Classrooms/Cutouts DIY kit/Back to School decoration \n\n\u0026pro=1\u0026frs=1\n\nHaving an inviting classroom is key to make the children feel welcome and loved. Transform any classroom or environment with an engaging and creative bulletin board. Make it something unique, positive, special, and welcoming for students with this “It’s O-Fish-ally Back to School” Bulletin Board Kit.\n\nThis product is cutout Cardstock pieces to put together and create a Board that will display a group of colorful fishes swimming in the ocean getting ready and excited for school. \nThere is a shark image hiding behind the seaweed that the children will love to discover. \n\nThe board displayed for this model pictured has a measure of 72 wide and 48 hight, but you can adjust the pre-cut pieces to your own needs.\nAll the pieces are made out of card stock, high quality, heavyweight and smooth finishes.\nCut in small pieces easy to store, so it can be reused in other occasions.\nIdeal for preschool classrooms or Sunday School classes where you want to welcome children in an inviting and funny way.\nVery easy to put together using a stapler.\n\nWhat is included in this package?\n\n- 10 colorful fishes \n- 6 colorful seaweed\n- 1 shark\n- 24 letters with a message “ It’s O-Fish-ally Back to school “\n\nBorder and Background paper ARE NOT INCLUDED\nThis board will easy any teacher job! you just have to staple them on the board and get done with the job.

Watch the video below:

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