Birmingham stabbings: Police declare major incident as several injured | England

Today, a few moments ago a new video titled Birmingham stabbings: Police declare ‘major incident’ as several injured | England was published by the youtube channel: Smart Search

As published in the page by Smart Search: #Birmingham #england #stabbing\nA number of people have been stabbed in Birmingham city centre and police have declared a \”major incident\”.\n\nWest Midlands Police said they were called to reports of a stabbing at around 00:30 BST on Sunday, with other stabbings reported shortly afterwards.\n\nPolice said there were \”a number of injured people\” but could not say how many or how serious the injuries were.\n\nWest Midlands Mayor Andy Street said the incidents in the Hurst Street area \”look to be related\”.\n\nHowever he said the motivation was still unknown. A police briefing is expected at 11:00.\n\nThe BBC’s Nick Clitheroe, at the scene, said the incidents had unfolded in a part of Birmingham where the Gay Village meets the Chinese Quarter, which is typically busy at night with clubs and bars.\n\nHe added: \”This appears to have started out as a major fight between large groups of people but obviously at some point knives have been pulled and stabbings have taken place.\n\n\”This will be very worrying for all the people living around here.\”\n\nFor More :

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