Black History Month 2020 BioEpic – Claudia Jones

Today, a few moments ago a another amazing video called Black History Month 2020 BioEpic – Claudia Jones was posted in the channel: kensingtonandchelsea

As written in the youtube description by kensingtonandchelsea: BioEpic is our exciting new monthly podcast in which we will be looking at the lives of fascinating people through our Special Collection of Biographies at Kensington Central Library. We have 90,000 biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, diaries and volumes of letters, spanning over 200 years of publishing, and each month we will focus on one or more amazing person represented in the collection. To mark Black History Month, we begin with a discussion of Claudia Jones, a truly remarkable journalist and activist best known for starting the Notting Hill Carnival.

Watch the video below:

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