Boris Johnson unveils three-tier Covid restrictions for England

just a few moments ago a another good video called Boris Johnson unveils three-tier Covid restrictions for England was posted by the youtube channel: Daily Mail 24h

As written in the video page by Daily Mail 24h: A swathe of northern England could join Liverpool under the highest level of restrictions, Boris Johnson indicated as he unveiled a new, three-tier Covid rules system for England.  Announcing the much-briefed new approach, which will divide local authorities into “local Covid alert levels”, listed as medium (tier 1), high (tier 2), and very high (tier 3), the prime minister told MPs he wanted to “simplify and standardise” rules while avoiding a new full lockdown.  “This is not how we want to live our lives, but this is the narrow path we have to tread between the social and economic trauma of a full lockdown and the massive human, and indeed economic cost of an uncontained epidemic,” he said.  Responding for Labour, Keir Starmer said that while there was clearly a need for action, he was “deeply sceptical” that Johnson had a cohesive plan in place to reduce infections and mitigate the economic impact.  So far, Liverpool is the only place to move into tier 3 – with the strictest restrictions – with pubs and bars closed, and a ban on mixing between households in almost all circumstances. The region has also agreed to close gyms, leisure centres, casinos, betting shops and adult gaming shops.  Johnson indicated that if ministers could also reach deals with other local authorities, tier 3 measures would also be imposed on a series of other areas currently put into tier 2.  “Engagement with other leaders in the north-west, the north-east and Yorkshire and Humber is continuing,” Johnson said. “I know how difficult this is. They, like us, like everyone in this house, are grappling with very real dilemmas, but we cannot let the NHS fall over when lives are at stake.  “So let me repeat the offer that we’re making to those local authorities: work with us on these difficult but necessary measures in the areas that are rated very high, in return for more support for local test and trace, more funding for local enforcement, the offer of support form the armed forces, and the job support scheme, as announced by the chancellor.”  The full list of which areas are in which tier is expected by the end of Monday.  Most of England will be on the lowest tier, and will thus keep the national measures introduced last month, notably the maximum gathering size of six and the 10pm closure for pubs and other hospitality businesses, Johnson said.  The “high” level (tier 2) is expected in the areas already with local lockdowns, and the hope is to standardise these. In this tier, people cannot mix indoors beyond their household or support bubble, but outdoor meetings would be subject to the rule of six, allowing households to mix.  The top level (tier 3), which will apply to Liverpool, involves a baseline of restrictions, including no mixing between different households or support bubbles indoors or outdoors, except for public spaces such as parks, meaning friends can meet, for example, for a walk.  Pubs and bars will be closed unless they can operate as a restaurant, whic

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