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Today, just a few time ago a new video called Brian Has A Power Cut | Phoenix Nights | Peter Kay was posted by the channel: Peter Kay

As informed in the video page by Peter Kay: What would Thora Hird do?\n\nSeries 2, Episode 5 (It’s Ladies Night) – It’s ladies’ night and Brian has stocked up on Bacardi and batteries while Paddy can’t wait for the bored housewives to arrive. Max has his eye on a different chassis although he knows she’s way out of his league. When he receives a strange proposition from a woman called Fanny, however, everything suddenly seems possible.\n\nPhoenix Nights Is The misadventures of club owner Brian Potter who is determined to make The Phoenix Club the best working men’s club in Greater Manchester.\n\nWelcome to the Official Peter Kay YouTube channel! Bringing you all the best moments from stand up to sitcoms!\n\nSubscribe here:\n\n#PeterKay #Comedy #Channel4 #PhoenixNights

Check Out the video :

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