Building Collapsed Live on Camera in the Night

a few moments ago a another amazing video entitled Building Collapsed Live on Camera in the Night was uploaded by the youtube channel: BEST SHOOTS Official

As informed in the page by BEST SHOOTS Official: NOTE: In This Video is how people were recovered from the collapsed building by the people and Police but the bodies were not Captured in this Video. So its clean and for viewership.\n\nLukwago alagidde abakozi ba KCCA 2 bakwatibwe ku by’ekizimbe ekyagudde e Makindye ne kibuutikira abantu abatannamanyika muwendo!\n\nA four-storey building that was under construction has collapsed in Kifampa Zone, Makindye Division behind Calendar Rest House trapping several construction workers burried under the rubble.\n\nNeighbours and other young men  gathered around the accident scene and used various tools including axes, hoes and hammers to try and dig out the victims, who were residing at the site.\n\nA firebrigade truck, that had arrived earlier at the scene, left without accomplishing much although the Police maintained heavy deployment around the area. Rescuers and curious onlookers used mainly phones and hand flashlights to provide light for those trying to rescue the victims.\n\nSome eyewitnesses claimed the workers were gathered in one of the unfinished rooms having their supper when the building collapsed at about 8-9pm.

Watch the video :

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