Canaries in the coal mine : Andy Burnham attacks government over regional lockdown

Today, just a few minutes ago a brand new video entitled ‘Canaries in the coal mine’: Andy Burnham attacks government over regional lockdown was published by: The Independent

As written in the description by The Independent: Deputy chief medical officer Jonathan Van Tam has told regional civic leaders that the only certain way to deal with coronavirus would be a national lockdown, Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham has said.\n\nMr Burnham said Prof Van Tam made clear in talks last night that the regional restrictions demanded by Boris Johnson would not work unless they included much more widespread closures of businesses than just bars and pubs.\n\nThe mayor accused the government of treating the north of England with “contempt” and said the northwest was being used as the “canary in the mine” for an “ill-thought through Downing Street policy which doesn’t make sense in the real world”.\n\nRead more here: \n\nLike us on Facebook:\nFollow us on Twitter:\nFollow us on Instagram:\n\nSubscribe to Independent Premium for exclusive content and live events:

Watch the video :

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