CINEJOUST Best Bits #23 “Tom Cruise under my bed with his middle tooth”

Today, few moments ago a brand new video entitled CINEJOUST Best Bits #23 “Tom Cruise under my bed with his middle tooth” was published by the youtube channel: CineJoust Podcast

As written in the page by CineJoust Podcast: Roses are red, Christmas is around the corner, Sam fancies Taylor Lautner \n\nTAKEN FROM: EPISODE 17 – MANCHESTER BY THE SEA\n\nThis week we talk about all things Tom Cruise and all things Scientology, more specifically, the super secret auditioning process for a wife for Tom Cruise, it’s quite an interesting factoid of an episode. \n\nWe hope you are well, not long till Halloween, lot’s of spooky ghosts and a lot of ghoulies, best time of the year if you are a fan of this stuff.\n\n\nWe are the CINEJOUST podcast. \n\nA film podcast ran by three university students who all study film. Expect honest and often brutal reviews, facts and stats, wild tangents, surreal stories and just absolute nonsense. This is the film podcast not entirely about films. \n\nClick SUBSCRIBE to see more of our best bits and other silly content. \nSlap a LIKE on here, much appreciated x\n\nThe Socials and where you can listen to us:\n\n🐦Twitter 🐦\n\n\n📸Instagram 📸\n\n📖Facebook 📖\n\n🎧Spotify 🎧 \n\n\n⚓Anchor ⚓\n

Check Out the video :

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