CNCO Sin Autotune (Live Vocals)

a few time ago a another video titled CNCO Sin Autotune (Live Vocals) was revealed in the channel: Chestravis

As informed in the by Chestravis: Songlist:\n\n0:09 Reggaeton Lento\n0:51 Mamita\n1:11 Se Vuelve Loca\n2:03 Primera Cita\n2:40 Solo Yo\n3:00 Tu Luz\n3:48 Tan Facil\n4:28 Mi Medicina\n5:05 Cometa\n5:45 Pretend\n6:43 Llegaste Tu\n7:24 Fiesta en Mi Casa\n8:03 De Cero\n\nNo copyright infringement intended.

Watch the video below:

We will keep following releated news and posting anything we discover

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