Coronation Street fans work out secret child twist as Nick s ex Natasha returns

just a few moments ago a brand new video titled Coronation Street fans ‘work out secret child twist’ as Nick’s ex Natasha returns was revealed by the youtube channel: Robotic News

As written in the description by Robotic News: Coronation Street fans ‘work out secret child twist’ as Nick’s ex Natasha returns\r\nCorrie viewers learned returning character Natasha Blakeman had a son, with Nick Tilsley tipped to be the father\r\n\r\nCoronation Street aired a twist on Friday night, as the real reason for Natasha Blakeman coming face-to-face with ex Nick Tilsley was teased.\r\n\r\nShe bumped into him at the hospital 10 years after her exit, following their split.\r\n\r\nNick was there with partner Leanne Battersby and Steve McDonald, as their son Oliver was rushed to hospital.\r\n\r\nSuddenly he bumped into Natasha after her time away from Weatherfield, and the pair got talking.\r\n\r\nNick was suspicious though when she claimed to be at the hospital for a dermatology appointment.\r\n\r\nIt was soon confirmed the character was lying, and was at the hospital for a very different reason.\r\n\r\nSpeaking to a nurse, it soon emerged she had a young son, aged 9.\r\n\r\nThis meant she would have had the child soon after leaving Weatherfield, with viewers immediately believing Nick could be the dad.\r\n\r\nIt was what she said next though that really got viewers convinced.\r\n\r\nAs the nurse asked about the child’s father, Natasha said she didn’t want to speak about him because she’d had enough talk of the mystery man for one day.\r\n\r\nViewers were left sure that this confirmed she was talking about Nick, and that he had a secret child\r\n\r\nMoments later, it was revealed Nick had been listening in from behind the door.\r\n\r\nJudging by the look on his face, he too queried whether the child was his.\r\n\r\nTaking to Twitter, viewers shared their theories with many guessing what the new storyline was\r\n\r\nOne fan said: \”Ooooooohhhh so Nicks got another son!\”\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nAnother tweeted: \” #corrie I BLOODY KNEW SHE WAS GONNA HAVE A KID TO NICK.\”\r\n\r\nA third added: \”Natasha has a child and it’s Nick’s?

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