Coronavirus: UK launches clinical trial of BCG vaccine

Today, a few time ago a another video titled Coronavirus: UK launches clinical trial of BCG vaccine was published by the Youtuber: Kashi Ram Oli

As published in the youtube description by Kashi Ram Oli: Read full article here:\n\n\n\nDoctors in the UK have launched a clinical trial to see whether the cheap and widely available BCG vaccine can boost the immune system enough to prevent healthcare workers from catching coronavirus. The Bacillus CalmetteGurin (BCG) vaccine is given to protect people from tuberculosis, but studies suggest that it stimulates broader immune responses that help the body keep other infections at bay. Researchers at Exeter University are enrolling up to 2,000 community healthcare workers, particularly from care homes and GP surgeries, including nurses, caterers and admin staff, for the UK arm of the international Brace trial, which is recruiting 10,000 volunteers worldwide. Prof John Campbell, at the University of Exeter Medical School, said the vaccine would be a global game-changer if it helped prevent people from falling ill with the virus and passing it on to others. Volunteers for the trial will receive a shot of BCG or a placebo and be monitored for a year to see whether the vaccinated group pick up fewer Covid-19 infections and have less severe illness. The trial could release preliminary results in six to nine months. While BCG raises a specific immune response against TB, a bacterial disease, studies have found that the vaccine can also protect against viral infections. Last month, an international team of scientists published trial results in the journal Cell showing that elderly people had substantially fewer respiratory infections after having the vaccine. In the trial, 42. 3% of the placebo group caught viral infections, compared with only a quarter of those who had the jab. If we see anything close to that sort of protection for coronavirus, this could be a global game changer, Campbell said. The primary goal of a vaccine is to stimulate what is called the adaptive immune system. This is the bodys highly targeted second line of defence that unleashes antibodies and T cells to wipe out invading pathogens. The BCG vaccine

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