Covid-19 Cure? Hydroxychloroquine

few time ago a another great video called Covid-19 Cure? Hydroxychloroquine was posted by the channel: Yello Duzzit

As published in the description by Yello Duzzit: America’s Frontline Doctors Claim to Expose Covid-19 Cure To The World from Washington DC Press Conference. So I obviously took it upon myself to look into this. I really wanted it to be true when I watched the video on instagram. As I am cautious of Covid-19. However it appears to be more political propaganda. Watch me use just a little googling to reveal the true intentions being this Covid-19 Cure Press Conference.\n\nJoin me on the Livit app to watch live.\nDont miss out!\n\n*******************\nCome find me on the Livit App:\n\n\nCurrent Events Video:\n\n\nLast Letsplay video:\n\n\nCheck out my last stream wit the Gang:\n\n\nCheck out my most recent Netflix watch party:\n\n\nYou can find me on Instagram at:\n\n\nAnd you can find my Discord and the rest of my links at:\n

Check Out the video :

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