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As informed in the youtube page by ReddiTube: *** DISCLAIMER: THIS CHANNEL IS NOT MODERATED! A machine learning generated voice model of David Attenborough was used in this video. This content is not intended for children. The content in these videos does not reflect the views of the channel owner. The content on this channel is for educational and entertainment purposes only. *** \n\nHere is a link to my main channel where I talk about building this project, among other things: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCctWIsDmykrZuvbwEZOM0kg.\n\nAttenborough’s voice was trained by https://www.youtube.com/c/YouMeBangBang\n\nSubscribe to this channel for daily uploads of your favorite reddit threads! Comment down below to suggest other threads and voices to create videos with! Enjoy.\n\nSource Subreddit: AskReddit\n\n### Transcript ###\n\nWhat positive impacts do you think will come from Covid-19?\n\nA lot more curbside shopping and food options\n\nIt’s already mitigated the stigma associated with working at home.\n\nPeople might finally start washing their hands.\n\nSome people may not agree but I’m really hoping all the online ordering and contactless delivery keeps going.\n\nMore employers might realize that jobs can be done remotely, allowing more flexibility. More work-from-home positions might open up.\n\nMy blind gf and I are already seeing more video appointments. This is something she has wanted since forever since she can’t drive. Now, insurance is taking Dr and therapy appointments. There are many pickup options for stores at only little or no extra cost. This is good for someone who can’t handle walking in the store. I’m mildly physically handicapped and walking over 10 minutes hurts, so this is fantastic for people who are like me and worse. There are more delivery options for people who don’t drive. I can see mask wearing while sick becoming more popular in the States even after this settles down, which will help healthy people not get sick as much with colds and help protect the vulnerable who might not handle the everyday cold as well. There’s more, but that’s my two cents.\n\nOrganizations with abysmally slow internet connections that have not been updated in decades will do so in order to support video conferencing.\n\nPeople with the flu/cold wearing masks and taking precautions to not infect others. Seriously, pre-covid I can’t explain with exasperation the amount of times I’ve seen people that were clearly sick, coughing, wheezing, and sneezing just carrying on about their lives like it doesn’t effect those around them\n\nI think people are going to be a lot more conscious of germs and just public surfaces in general. I know for me its something I think about constantly now.\n\nI’m hoping that bathrooms in restaurants will become completely hands-free. I hate that the pull side of the door is on the inside and usually there’s no paper towel dispensers anymore to use as a glove to touch the sink/door handles.

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