Dawn Of The Third Day- Prologue (Voice Acted Series)

just a few minutes ago a another good video titled Dawn Of The Third Day- Prologue (Voice Acted Series) was revealed in the channel: TriforceOfEverything

As published in the by TriforceOfEverything: Cast (in no particular order)\n\n\nCarina- Rozie Potato\n\nMina- Floral Flair\n\nDiana: Kirby Kake\n\nAlvina: SkyDancer07\n\nMom: Zesty\n\nKevin: Spunkkids\n\nCathan: Alex Hugo\n\nFia: Meow 17000\n\n\n\nI DO NOT OWN ANY AUDIO!!!\n\nPt 2 coming very soon! I only need a few more lines from people\n\n\nI’m sorry if you didn’t see your speaking lines in this, even if you turned them in. It’s because I had to cut it shot half way because some other people had missing lines. Sorry ;v;\n\nBe sure to sub to these awesome voice actors!!\n\nBackground song: https://youtu.be/wT0lWL_TU7w

Check Out the video :

We will continue to follow the channel and posting everything we discover

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