Demi Lovato – Commander in Chief (Lyric Video)

just a few moments ago a another amazing video entitled Demi Lovato – Commander in Chief (Lyric Video) was revealed by the channel: Love Life Lyrics

As informed in the youtube description by Love Life Lyrics: Demi Lovato – Commander in Chief (Lyric Video)\nSong: Commander in Chief – Demi Lovato lyrics\nDiscover the best pop music \u0026 chill songs:\n\n\nSubscribe \u0026 Turn on the 🔔 to never miss a new video \n❁ – – ❁ – – ❁ – – ❁ – – ❁ – – ❁\n\n📀Follow my Spotify playlist: \n\n\n\n👍Suggested Video:\nWatch the official lyric video for YUNGBLUD – cotton candy at:\nFollow my favourite songs:\n\n» Follow Demi: \nSubscribe… \nInstagram \nTwitter \nFacebook \nOfficial site\n\n💙 Love Life Lyrics Socials:\nSpotify:\nFacebook:\nInstagram:\nYoutube:\n\n🎙️Lyrics Commander in Chief – Demi Lovato: \n\n00:00 Intro\n00:11 Were you ever taught\n00:12 when you were young\n00:13 If you mess with things selfishly\n00:17 they’re bound to come undone?\n00:18 I’m not the only one\n00:19 That’s been affected\n00:22 and resented every story you’ve spun\n00:24 And I’m a lucky one\n00:26 ‘Cause there are people worse off\n00:29 that have suffered enough\n00:30 Haven’t they suffered enough?\n00:32 But you can’t get enough of\n00:37 Shuttin’ down systems for personal gain\n00:39 Fightin’ fires with flyers and prayin’ for rain\n00:43 Do you get off on pain?\n00:45 We’re not pawns in your game\n00:47 Commander in Chief, honestly\n00:51 If I did the things you do\n00:54 I couldn’t sleep, seriously\n00:57 Do you even know the truth?\n01:00 We’re in a state of crisis, people are dyin’\n01:04 While you line your pockets deep\n01:07 Commander in Chief\n01:08 how does it feel to still\n01:11 Be able to breathe?\n01:16 We were taught when we were young\n01:21 If we fight for what’s right\n01:24 there won’t be justice for just some\n01:26 Won’t give up\n01:28 stand our ground\n01:29 We’ll be in the streets\n01:30 while you’re bunkering down\n01:32 Loud and proud, best believe\n01:35 We’ll still take a knee while you’re\n01:37 Commander in Chief, honestly\n01:40 If I did the things you do\n01:43 I couldn’t sleep, seriously\n01:47 Do you even know the truth?\n01:49 We’re in a state of crisis, people are dyin’\n01:53 While you line your pockets deep\n01:56 Commander in Chief\n01:57 how does it feel to still\n02:00 Be able to breathe, breathe?\n02:07 Be able to breathe\n02:10 Won’t give up\n02:17 stand our ground\n02:18 We’ll be in the streets\n02:20 while you’re bunkering down\n02:21 Won’t give up, stand our ground\n02:25 We’ll be in the streets while you’re\n02:26 Commander in Chief, honestly\n02:30 If I did the things you do\n02:33 I couldn’t sleep, seriously\n02:36 Do you even know the truth?\n02:39 We’re in a state of crisis, people are dyin’\n02:43 While you line your pockets deep\n02:45 Commander in Chief\n02:47 how does it feel to still\n02:50 Be able to breathe?\n02:57 Able to breathe\n\n📷\n\n#demilovato #commanderinchief #lovelifelyrics\n\n✉ Please send your song or photo (background for videos) submissions to: [email protected]\n\n❁ – – ❁ – – ❁ – – ❁ – – ❁ – – ❁ – – ❁ – – ❁\n\nHi guys, every day I update the channel with lyric videos of the newest pop, chill tracks, indie pop, pop soul, pop r\u0026b and chill vibes playlist / best chill out music mix/ sad – beautiful love songs for my subscribers.\n\n♪♪ So, chill with some lovely songs and tell me about your feelings in the comments.\nThank you so much for your support ^^

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