Demi Lovato – Commander In Chief (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) [Reaction]

few time ago a another good video titled Demi Lovato – Commander In Chief (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) [Reaction] was uploaded in the channel: Hanna Mathis

As published in the page by Hanna Mathis: in this video, Demi Lovato – Commander in Chief, I react to another song by Demi Lovato called ‘Commander in Chief’. I’m not sure if people knew about this song coming out, but it was a surprise for me! I really enjoyed the song and the music video! what are your thoughts \u0026 opinions? if you enjoyed watching, make sure you like \u0026 subscribe and ring the bell to be notified every time I upload :)\n\n\n\nIntro (0:00)\nMusic video (0:47)\nOutro (9:15)\n\n✉ Business Inquiries: [email protected] \n\n⟳ Watch more of my reactions:\n____________________________________________________\n\nPETITIONS ✎ \n \n➔ Ways you can help: \n➔ Justice for Breonna Taylor: \n➔ Life for a Life:\n\n____________________________________________________\n \nDONATE ⬇ \n\n☐ NAACP: \n☐ BLM: \n☐ Justice for Breonna Taylor:\n\n____________________________________________________\n\n⬇ GET TO KNOW ME ⬇ \n\n♡ INSTAGRAM: \u0026 \n♡ TIKTOK: \n♡ POSHMARK: \n♡ MERCARI:\n\n____________________________________________________\n\nMAKE / SAVE MONEY ☺ \n \n➔ POSHMARK: use code \”THERESELLINGURU\” to get $5 off your first purchase! \n➔ MERCARI: use invitation link get $10 off first purchase: \n➔ DOSH: \n➔ FETCH REWARDS: use code \”C1AFC\”: \n➔ IBOTTA: \n➔ RAKUTEN: use invite link get $10 bonus \n➔ HONEY: \n➔ GET UPSIDE: save on gas use code \”D2787\”: \n➔ GASBUDDY: use code \”EHKSCZT\”:\u0026af_dp=gasbuddy%3A%2F%2Fwallet%3FreferralCode%3DEHKSCZT\\n\n** I may receive credit if you use any of these links **\n____________________________________________________\n\nCREDITS ⋯ \n \nMusic: \nKuzu Mellow \n \n \n \n \nIntro \u0026 outro template:

Check Out the video :

We will keep following the channel and publishing everything we find

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