Digidentity – eHerkenning

just a few time ago a another good video called Digidentity – eHerkenning was revealed in the channel: SonicPicnic

As informed in the video page by SonicPicnic: Eherkenning allows a company to sign in securely to government services. Digidentity makes it easy to create an Eherkenning account as a company. This movie made by Studio Mals shows how it works. We created a soundtrack that makes the process seem even more smoothly. We also took care of the sound effects, voice over casting and recording and mixing.

Bureau: Total Design
Client: Digidentity
Production: Shop Around
Direction: Studio Mals
Set Design + Craft: Studio Mals
D.O.P.: Set Reset Films
Post, Animation + Color: Set Reset Films
Music + Sound Design: SonicPicnic
Voice Over recording + Audio postproduction: SonicPicnic
Voice Over: Sophie Hoeberechts
Talent: Adrianus Kundert, Turner the Dog

Check Out the video below:

We will continue to follow the channel and publishing anything we discover

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