Does Rodrigo Santoro Speak English Well?

a few moments ago a brand new video called Does Rodrigo Santoro Speak English Well? was published by the channel: English with Andrew

As informed in the description by English with Andrew: Rodrigo Santoro is a Brazilian actor with an impressive film career….but just how well does he speak Engish?\n\n\nTo pick up ‘The Top 85 Mistakes Brazilians Make’ as an ebook from Amazon, click this link:\n\nTo get a copy of the audio book from Audible, click here:\n\nThe ebook is also available on Amazon and ITunes. If you’re interested in reading my book Trying to Understand Brazilian Culture, click this link:\n\n\nRodrigo Santoro Had to Wax His Entire Body to Play Xerxes in 300:

Check Out the video :

We will continue to follow the channel and publishing everything we find

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