'' eric burdon & the animals '' – gratefully dead 1967.

few minutes ago a new video called '' eric burdon & the animals '' – gratefully dead 1967. was published by: sf scene

As published in the video description by sf scene: by ’67 eric burdon was completely ‘psychedelicized’ by the whole haight-ashbury scene…and coming from his r’n’b background his new music was a shock to many…he embraced the culture entirely and out of this came some superb records…this was a 13th october release and was the flip-side to ‘san franciscan night’s’…little heard for some reason and written by the band who were now : vic briggs/john weider/danny mcculloch/barry jenkins and burdon himself..briggs infact produced this track…and what a glorious title!…

Watch the video :

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