F1 2020 Belgian GP – Post-Race Press Conference

a few minutes ago a another amazing video called F1 2020 Belgian GP – Post-Race Press Conference was uploaded by the youtube channel: Flash-224

As informed in the page by Flash-224: Post-Race Press Conference of the 2020 Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix featuring the three drivers no one expected today.\n\n0:00 – Formula 1 Rolex Belgian Grand Prix 2020\n0:05 – Introduction by Clarkson\n0:28 – Hamilton on the weekend\n1:34 – Easiest race so far?\n2:13 – Bottas on his pace compared to Hamilton\n3:25 – Bottas on the numbness in his left leg\n3:56 – Verstappen’s race\n5:40 – Hamilton’s Qualifying improvements\n7:00 – Hamilton not going full throttle before Eau Rouge on lap 1 and during the restart?\n9:25 – VER, HAM \u0026 BOT asked about tyre management\n11:10 – Hamilton \u0026 Bottas asked about the season\n15:28 – Hamilton asked about the insane dominance period by Mercedes \u0026 the races being boring\n19:15 – Hamilton on adjusting to engine mode changes\n20:49 – Hamilton asked about constantly improving\n23:54 – Winner Anthems\n\nF1 Picture of the year: https://twitter.com/redbullracing/status/1300097650696560648\n\n#F12020 #BelgianGP #PostRacePressConference

Watch the video below:

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