Fastly Stock (FSLY) Is Down 27%. Should You Buy The Dip In FSLY Stock?

Today, a few minutes ago a brand new video called Fastly Stock (FSLY) Is Down 27%. Should You Buy The Dip In FSLY Stock? was uploaded in the channel: Beat The Market

As informed in the video page by Beat The Market: Fastly stock got hammered today due to lowered revenue guidance. But although the worst case scenario represented a 6.7% revenue drop, why did the stock go down 27% today.\n\nDoes this present a great buying opportunity for Fastly stock or is this just the beginning of more pain ahead? In this video, I put FSLY stock’s staggering 1-day decline into perspective and share some ways you can approach FSLY stock.\n\n✅ Subscribe to Beat The Market:\n✅ Subscribe to the other channel:\n\nSupport Beat The Market on Patreon and get real-time updates on stock and option picks:\n\nDisclaimer: Content on this channel is for informative and entertainment purposes and is not meant to be the sole resource for investing decisions. Do your research before investing in any asset. If I mention a stock, there is a possibility that I own a position in that company.\n\n#FSLY #FastlyStock #BeatTheMarket

Watch the video below:

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