First Reactions To Cardi B s “WAP” Music Video with Dad

few moments ago a another video called First Reactions To Cardi B’s “WAP” Music Video with Dad was revealed by the channel: Homeboy’s Got Receipts

As informed in the page by Homeboy’s Got Receipts: Reacting to \”WAP\” for the first time by reading out the lyrics and watching the music video with Dad! Later in the show, Dad shares frustrations in regards to YouTube’s apparent censorship towards creators as recently seen through the recent penguinz0/markiplier strike story.\n\nGo to Dad’s channel –\nFull 7 hour+ livestream up on patreon:\n\n0:00 Who is Dad?\n3:33 Song Lyric Reading/Reactions\n10:58 Mini Song Analysis/After Thoughts\n12:58 Music Video Reaction\n14:24 YouTube Censorship: Leafy, Penguinz0, Markiplier, Brie Larson\n21:34 Dad wants to start drama!

Check Out the video below:

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