Gemma Atkinson admits she d love a quick budget wedding to Gorka Marquez

Today, a few moments ago a another amazing video titled Gemma Atkinson admits she’d love a quick budget wedding to Gorka Marquez was revealed by the Youtuber: Enthusiastic messenger

As written in the by Enthusiastic messenger: Gemma Atkinson has admitted she’d love to have a quick budget wedding to her boyfriend Gorka Marquez as she opens up on the possibility of marrying him.   The 35-year-old actress has dished the dirt on how and when she’d like to wed pro Gorka.  Appearing on Monday’s Steph’s Packed Lunch, Gemma was put on the spot when quizzed over how she’d feel if Gorka rocked up to the studio and demanded they got married right then and there.  Gemma admitted: “I don’t know if I could be bothered with everything. I’d say no, not yet.  She continued: “I’m assuming part of the nice bit of the wedding is the build-up whereby you both plan it together – I know it will be stressful.”  Gemma did admit, however, that marrying Gorka is not out of the question, saying: “I would be up for a quick wedding, you know, a local registry office, get it done, boom. But I wouldn’t if he demanded it here and now, no.”  The actress has previously revealed that they have spoken about tying the knot extensively.  And …

Watch the video below:

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