General Motors Invests In Nikola Stock!

few time ago a another good video called General Motors Invests In Nikola Stock! was uploaded by: That Dividend Guy

As informed in the video page by That Dividend Guy: Hey guys it’s that dividend guy here with some more EV news! Looks like General Motors has heavily invested into Nikola to make a new truck. They are looking to compete with Tesla’s Cyber Truck. They are estimating they can beat the Cyber Trucks average ride when it comes to mileage. I’m not surprised GM has been really lacking when it comes to the EV landscape. I think this is a small step in the right direction. This is great news for current shareholders it gives them some hope. They are planning to work with Nikola to build batteries. GM will give Nikola the use their current facilities and resources to actually produce Nikolas products. This helps both parties because it gives Nikola access to what GM does best and it gives GM a little bit of life in the overall EV market. I am super excited to see what happens with this partnership. I am always wishing the best for shareholders even in stocks I’m not holding. I realize you have to keep up with the times but car manufacturers have had it really rough lately with how fast consumer trends have been changing. I really hope companies like Ford and General Motors partner with EV makers to ensure they can stay not only competitive but stay in businesses. Congratulations to all General Motors shareholders I hope this helps the company and they become massively profitable with this investment. With that being said I hope everyone had a great day in the market. Remember to hit he subscribe button and bell notification to stay up to date for all my uploads. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys in the next stock market news update!

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