Golf Star John Daly Reveals Battle With Bladder Cancer

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As informed in the page by Myra Lamb: Golf Star John Daly Reveals Battle With Bladder Cancer..\r\n\r\n The 54-year-old sportsman opens up about his struggle with bladder cancer and the medical treatment as he says that ‘it doesn’t look like it may go away.’ Sep 12, 2020  AceShowbiz – Golf icon John Daly has undergone treatment for bladder cancer.   The sportsman, who has also dabbled in music, was diagnosed with the disease after battling kidney stones.       \”(The urologist said), ‘It doesn’t look like any stones are in there. But unfortunately, you have bladder cancer,’ \” Daly told the Golf Channel. \”After I did the CT (scan) I was fixing (desperate) to sip on my Diet Coke and he said, ‘Don’t drink anything. We have to get you back in here and get this cancer out of you.’ \”   The surgery was successful, but Daly has been warned the cancer is likely to return.   \”(The doctor) said there’s an 85 per cent chance it comes back. So I’ve got to go back and see him in three months. They will probably have to cut it out again…,\” the 54 year old said.   \”You just don’t know. Luckily …

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