Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Luana, Bill and Venus de Milo

Today, few minutes ago a another video called Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Luana, Bill and Venus de Milo was published by the Youtuber: Richard Martini MartiniZone

As written in the description by Richard Martini MartiniZone: This is a conversation with Luana Anders (my friend on the flipside) and Jennifer about process and access. That is how they, the folks on the flipside access us, the process in doing so.  At some point, we are visited by my old friend and pal Bill Paxton. (\”Talking to Bill Paxton\” is a film on Gaia that I made with three different mediums asking Bill questions about how we met, what it’s like on the flipside, and other detailed things – all three mediums gave the same answers.)\n\nIn this case, Bill came forward to talk about something Jennifer could not have known, did not know – was not aware of.  He talks about our son having picked up the guitar and started playing it.  It’s pretty mind bending – I play guitar, but have played piano most of my life.  In fact playing piano is what got me on the boat where I met Venus (de Milo) the Jack Russell Terrier.\n\nWe’ve heard in the past, that my mother, a concert pianist has been \”helping my son\” with his piano playing. Something he’s picked up on his own, no formal training, but can play film scores a few minutes after he’s heard them.  A couple of weeks ago, he picked up the guitar, learning some songs from a game he was playing and within days he’d mastered them completely.\n\nHaving grown up around music, when Bill comes forth and says \”Your son is a masterful guitar player\” I know exactly what he’s referring to.  Jennifer does not, could not, is not aware that he’s playing guitar – was aware that he was playing piano as my mom would come forward and mention it that she was \”helping him\” to do so.\n\nIt’s a verification of the kind of verifications that people look for or need – but it was also on point, as he came to talk about process and how that works.  \n\nFinally, an interview with a dog I met on a Millenium Cruise ship.  Another trip later, he was swept out to sea, and I know his owner was bereft.  Since we’ve been chatting with Robert Towne’s dog \”Hira\” on a regular basis (see \”Backstage Pass to the Flipside\” or some of the previous clips) I knew it was possible. Didn’t know what he would say.\n\nSo on behalf of Milo, who my pal lost at sea, I wanted to chat with him a bit and see what really happened. Impossible to prove – but in terms of the other animals I’ve spoken with (Hira whom I walked for 3 years and he recounted many events that only I or Robert had witnessed) or my dog Sam – who also stopped by for a mind bending visit. See the chapter in \”Architecture of the Afterlife\” where the guide for Steph Arnold says that \”she knows of my work through my dog.\” Sam passed 40 years ago – he recounted things from the flipside I didn’t know – where he was when he passed, that I later confirmed. Sorry. No one dies. They are not gone; they’re just not here.

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