How to bulletproof your shoulders against injuries

just a few time ago a new video called How to bulletproof your shoulders against injuries was published by the channel: skyknight1991

As published in the page by skyknight1991: Our shoulder joint is the most mobile joint in our body. However, due to its large range of motion, it can end up in some unstable or injury-prone positions.

These exercises will improve our mobility and stability of our shoulders by strengthening the muscles around our scapular.

If you are having pain or uncomfortable in shoulders while playing badminton, volleyball, overhead press, or even bench press, these are the exercises you should not miss. Add it in your warm up routine or do it before your workout/sports activities.

Recommend: Do it in 3 rounds for 5 reps. Keep the motion slow and steady and do not touch the ground. Please avoid using heavy dumbbells and this exercises can also be executed with no weight at all.

Watch the video :

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