a few moments ago a another amazing video titled IM THINKING OF ENDING THINGS (NETFLIX) LIVE WATCH ALONG was revealed in the channel: Patrick Burow

As written in the page by Patrick Burow: I’m Thinking of Ending Things is the latest film by director Charlie Kaufman and has been released on Netflix this weekend!\n\nDisclaimer – Under copyright guidelines and restrictions, I am unable to show footage of ‘I’m Thinking of Ending Things’ during the Live stream watch along. To watch the film with me, make sure to have your own copy on home video or media devices (Disney+, Netflix, Rental, Blu Ray/ DVD) and follow the time stamp on stream to watch along with me and the rest of the stream.\n\n#I’mThinkingofEndingThings #CharlieKaufman\n\nFull of misgivings, a young woman travels with her new boyfriend to his parents’ secluded farm. Upon arriving, she comes to question everything she thought she knew about him, and herself.\n\nSnapchat – Patrick_Buri\nInstagram –\nFacebook – Patrick Burow\nTwitter –\n\nCOPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER :\nThe copyright act of 1976 under section 107, allows the use of copyrighted material for “fair use” purposes which includes , criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, and research.

Check Out the video below:

We will keep following the channel and publishing anything we find

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