iOS 14 is STILL a mess!

Today, just a few time ago a another amazing video entitled iOS 14 is STILL a mess! was uploaded by the youtube channel: JuanBagnell

As published in the by JuanBagnell: TEAM SGG PATREON \nTwo years on and Apple is FINALLY fixing some of my concerns for how clumsy iOS is to use, but for new features like App Drawers and Widgets, this is still pretty messy. Here are my NEW concerns for Apple UI. Why can’t the phones get iPadOS?\nJuan’s Phone Photography Book\n\nSomeGadgetGuy’s Gear List\nPanasonic G85\nPanasonic G9\nOlympus 17mm f/1.8\nPanasonic 12-35mm f/2.8\nAudio-Technica Lavalier\nFocusrite 6i6 Audio Interface\nShure SM57 Microphone\nCloudlifter CL1\nLED Light Panels\nAJA U-TAP HDMI\nElgato HD60 S\n\n————————————–\nSGGQA Podcast RSS:\nSGGQA Podcast on Spotify:\nSGGQA Podcast Google Play: \nSGGQA Podcast iTunes:\nSGGQA Podcast on Stitcher:\nSGGQA Podcast on PlayerFM:\nSGGQA Podcast on\u0026sort=-publicdate\n\nOfficial site:\nJuan on Twitter –\nJuan on Instagram –\nJuan on Patreon –\nLinks on this page may be affiliate links which help support production on this website.

Watch the video :

We will continue to follow the channel and posting anything we find

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