James Martin apologises as he s called out by Phillip Schofield after studio rule break

Today, a few minutes ago a new video entitled James Martin apologises as he’s called out by Phillip Schofield after studio ‘rule break’ was posted by the youtube channel: Breaking News 360

As published in the page by Breaking News 360: Sign up for FREE now and never miss the top Royal stories again. SUBSCRIBE Invalid email We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. James, 48, was back in the kitchen to provide yet more culinary advice to This Morning viewers to kickstart the week. Phillip Schofield, 58, and Holly Willoughby, 39, were watching on as the chef gave his first demonstration, cooking up a stew and dumplings for the ITV presenters. However, the cook then apologised as the host was gobsmacked the guest had brought his own pans into the studio instead of using the ones available. As the cooking guru explained himself, he then revealed he might have broken studio rules by having his phone on set. The presenter first noticed James had brought his own utensils into the studio when the chef put his meat to rest in a red, pumpkin-shaped pot. “They’re from home and I’m going to make an apology, actually,” the cook went to say, before Phillip called him out. “You brought your own pots?” he asked, to which the guest replied: “I brought my own pots in, yeah,” before explaining how he’d “broken the rules”. “At 10 past six, a phone beeped in the studio and that was me – very unprofessional – I left my phone in here. “This was because my mother knew I was cooking this dish and she text me to say, ‘Please make sure when you’re doing this, you don’t make the dumplings too dry’.”   Holly then asked her guest and the Saturday Morning cooking show host: “Who makes the best dumplings – you or her?” The chef gracefully told the presenter this mother cooked them better than him, although Phillip told James’ mother who was watching at home her son hadn’t served up any dry dumplings. Following his apology, the culinary genius then carried on with the rest of his first demonstration of the show. Once again, viewers took to Twitter to comment on how much butter the chef had included in his recipe for the dish.  As well as using beef fat to make the dumplings and the meat in the stew, James boiled some carrots in a blend of oil and butter. Voicing their astonishment on the social media platform, one viewer wrote: “A little bit of butter, James?! Face with tears of joy Butter #ThisMorning,” followed by a laughing face emoji. Another posted: “Don’t know why @Schofe was so shocked at the amount of butter put in with the carrots there. Surely everyone knows James Martin loves his butter! #ThisMorning.” However, others were delighted by the chef being back in the kitchen, as a third commented: “James Martin is a top bloke. Class chef #ThisMorning.”  “I have a real soft spot for James Martin. #thismorning,” a fourth chimed, with a fifth asking: “Pretty please… where are James Martin’s beautiful saucepans/pots from? #ThisMorning.” It was reported last week the chef had quit social media after another cooking demonstration went a bit array. His decision came after the chef half a 90-minute virtual co

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