JOE LIED!!! Hunter Biden Emails Released!

few minutes ago a another great video called JOE LIED!!! Hunter Biden Emails Released! was revealed by the youtube channel: RedPill78

As published in the youtube description by RedPill78: 😋 Get The Only Keto Alternative I Use Here: 🍃\n➡️⬅️\nGet 51% OFF By Clicking The Link Above ^^^ \n\nRudy Giuliani has come through FTW! Revealing never before seen emails between Hunter Biden and a Burisma executive, revealing a cozy (and improper) relationship between the Burisma Board and Joe Biden! Joe lied about his knowledge of Hunter and Burisma and the use of his power to overtly affect events in Burisma’s favor. BIG DEAL! Also Bruce Ohr out at DOJ and FBI threw some trash out in the form of a ridiculous story re: hackers and voting. BS!\n\nTHIS CHANNEL HAS BEEN DEMONETIZED, YOU CAN STILL SUPPORT WITH OPTIONS BELOW \u0026 FIND ME ON OTHER PLATFORMS:\n\nUse the FREE Cash App:\nTry Cash App using my code, and you’ll get $10 when you send $5!\nClick here:\nIf you already have it, use my special code”\nOne time donation with Cash App: $RedPill78\n\n► Donate to RedPill78:\n\n SEND AS FRIENDS AND FAMILY – NO FEES – UNCHECK THE GOODS \u0026 SERVICES BOX\n\n►\n\n► Patreon:\n\nNEW REDPILL78 AUDIO PODCAST –\n\nIf you wish to send a check or money order you can make it out to RedPill78, address below\n\nLBRY is a new blockchain video host that auto uploads all my videos, plus if you join this free service using my link, the system gives me free crypto:\n\n$/invite/@RedPill78:e\n\nFollow me once you’re there @RedPill78\n\nFOLLOW ME ON GAB:\n\nParler:\n\n\n\n\n\nPLEASE SUB TO BACKUP CHANNELS!  IF SOMETHING HAPPENS I WILL PUBLISH THERE!\n\n►\n\n►\n\n► New RedPill78 Merch Store:\n\n► Donate to M3thods:\n\n\n► Digital Asset Donations if you know Crypto:\n\n1AGKFmLt7qEEDawXKPiSKfVyYXixjdbozW\nBitcoin Donations\n\nqqg9e623rtqrcym9wer32zj6sclptxx6ey938hgd74\nBitcoinCash Donations\n\n0xd13399E491c78195ea576295439889891DAC7374\nEthereum Donations\n\nLU66sxkwgg8tWQnecvrLA4qaBrWXQLcYW8\nLiteCoin Donations\n\[email protected]\n\nRedPill78\n993 “C” S. Santa Fe Ave \n#245\nVista, CA \n92083\n\nSome video elements provided by: \n\n\n\nMusic:\nFri. \u0026 Sat. Night Live Intro: Night Stalker by Wave Saver\nOutro: Alienated by Elfl\nOccams Razor/Comfy Sunday: Sunset Drive by Future Joust\nOutro: Arctic Peach by Luwaks\nRed Pill News: Edge of Discovery by Big Business\nAll Live Outro – Remembrance by Purple Drive

Watch the video below:

We will continue to follow the channel and publishing everything we discover

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