Joe Rogan thinks Cuomo’s dumbbell is not fake

a few minutes ago a another video called Joe Rogan thinks Cuomo’s dumbbell is not fake was posted in the channel: Ronin Al

As informed in the video description by Ronin Al: Cuomo’s fake dumbbell might be a bit that he uses to mess with Tucker at Fox news, who calls Chris Cuomo “the weight lifter”. Or, it might just be fake, like CNN’s news. Rogan, who is oblivious to the feud between Tucker and Chris, saw the video of Chris Cuomo waving that dumbbell like a 10 pounder, and he thinks the dumbbell is real. Bless his heart.\n\n#JRE #JoeRogan #TimDillon #KevinLevrone #SteveKuclo #IlliaGolemYefimchyk #ChrisCuomo #CNN #FakeNews #FakeDumbbell #WeightLifting #Bodybuilding

Watch the video :

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