John Cleese EVISCERATES critics who can t act, write, or direct

a few moments ago a brand new video titled John Cleese EVISCERATES critics who can’t act, write, or direct was uploaded in the channel: 3 Buck Theater

As informed in the video description by 3 Buck Theater: John Cleese recently performed as a pay-to-view live stream from Cadogan Hall, titled Why There Is No Hope by the actor and comedian resulted in a one-star review by one particular critic. In response, Cleese had some scathing words to impart on Twitter to the entire profession of film and tv criticism. His comments were aimed at The Telegraph’s Dominic Cavendish\n\n► SUBSCRIBE:\n► TWITCH:\n► HOLLYWOOD AFTER DARK Archives:\n► FACEBOOK:\n► PATREON –\n► PAYPAL:\n► AMAZON:\n► BITCOIN: 1FGxTiyKZDSkphRLn1xEwNR3aaG2RYKhGQ\n► DISCORD:

Check Out the video :

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