Kanye West to vote ❎ trump again + Dr Hilary (Good morning Britain)

few minutes ago a another great video titled Kanye West to vote ❎ trump again + Dr Hilary (Good morning Britain) was published in the channel: M.o.r – MeasurableObservableRepeatable

As informed in the video description by M.o.r – MeasurableObservableRepeatable: Kanye West to vote ❎ trump again + Dr Hilary (Good morning Britain)


The only thing that needs to be QUARANTINED & ERADICATED is ALL Government bodies.

Where do we the puplic collect our MENTAL HEALTH ABUSE DAMAGES CHECKS 💷 💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷?

Black History Month 2020

coronavirus catch up theMatrix


Why isn’t Gematria part of the national education Curriculum?

🤔 💭… Buhdomtsss…

Corona means Crown… Crown = 26
Covid-19 = 26, Virus = 26, Viral = 26, China = 26, Chaos = 26 & Remember to sing ‘Happy birthday’

On the 63rd day of the year (March 3rd.. 3/3 Corona = 33, police = 33, society = 33) Boris Johnson says ‘when you wash you hands 👐 sing Happy birthday 2x’

Happy Birthday = 63, 153
Its 15wks 3days to Boris Johnson birthday.

26th triangle number is 351..

206 bones in the human body,
god = 26, (we use 26 letters of the alphabet) Letter = 26, man created on the 6 day in the *26* verse of the Bible, bones = 26, skeleton, anatomy, bones, grave & graveyard all = 26 (with the 26th prime 101 relationship) .. Comprehend, comprehsion, Teach = 26 as does temple the one between your ears!! And more
From mock/drill exercise EVENT201 via Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and World Health organisation etc on October 18th 2019 to June 19th 2020 is 35wks 1day (351/153) Buhdomtsss

In the same year from June 19th to October 18th is 121 days..

Coronavirus outbreak = 121

Bill and Melinda Gates foundation = 121

(NHS) National Health Service = 121 (and loads more!!!)

January 21st it went ultra mainstream news then the next day was the association with bat 🦇 soup etc.
So.. On the 22nd 🤔 💭….
Bat 🦇 = 22
Bat 🦇 Soup = 22.. 🤔 💭 Voilà

And the ps4 game ‘Death Stranding’ released Nov 8th.. 118. Death = 118 & 213
Nov 8th is the 312 day of the year leaving 53.
Covid-19 = 53

From Boris birthday June 19th to the release of ‘Death Stranding’ is 142 days
Coronavirus = 142 Buhdomtsss!!

Wuhan virus = 114
The 114th prime number is 619
(6/19… June 19th!)

Wuhan virus = 156
Chinese President Xi Jinping is born
15/6.. 15th June



For those new, key part of that is GRAMMA.. Linguistics, language..

The word of God.

The pen/tongue is and always will be mightier than the sword (or any weapon forged is futile, literally)

The worship of Saturn, EL, elohim. The letter L (and of course, playing God over you with the Elements weather & you not Innerstanding how you work and the world/cosmos when concerning ‘everlasting perpetual energy, hence why you pay your Electricity bill!!!..
Innerstanding the Torus Fields of energy and its Magnetism is simply the key.

So back to EL..’ L’
Words create ‘worLds’
Hence let’s go down and confuse them with language and all that jazz from the tainted by man prolific
SCRIPTURES running wild in the fabric of society with the rest of what’s at play, spiritual mind-skism of mass-grand proportions


Top Boy Netflix season 3 decode


Space agencies = Stupism!!

📙 (pdf) Letters and numbers by Zachary K Hubbard




Ufc – Conor Mcgregor by the numbers 🔢 🔤

UFC by the numbers 🔢 🔤

Lady Gaga Stupid Love/Gates of Hell

Love Island host, Caroline Flack death

Kobe Bryant death mocking

Space agencies = Stupism!! (& am I a flat EARTHER? 🤔 💭)

Streatham Terrorist attack by the numbers 🔢 🔤

Hugh Jackman X-men / Dwarf/ Quaden Bayles (= ‘BALANCE’ & marketing!)

London Bridge 🌉 attacks by the numbers 🔢 🔤

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