Today, a few time ago a another amazing video titled KERRY KATONA: HE PROPOSED!!! was posted by the channel: Kerry Katona

As published in the by Kerry Katona: Hey guys!\n\nWatch along as my (now) fiance Ryan proposed to me on holiday!! So so happy!\n\nComment below what you’d like to see me do in future videos! \n\nBrand Enquiries – [email protected] \n\nMORE GREAT VIDEOS TO WATCH!\n\nKATIE PRICE: MY SURPRISE GIFT! (SHOCKING!)\n\nPRINCESS ANDRE | TRYING WEIRD TURKISH FOOD!…\n\nFINLEY TAPP | PAIGE’S SURPRISE BIRTHDAY (SHE CRIED!!!)\n\nSocials – \nInstagram:…\n\nTwitter:…\n\nMusic:\nEpidemic Sound

Check Out the video :

We will keep following the channel and publishing anything we discover

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