KFC 80-piece Popcorn Chicken bucket on sale for £5.99

Today, few time ago a another good video called KFC 80-piece Popcorn Chicken bucket on sale for £5.99 was uploaded in the channel: Glasgow News

As written in the by Glasgow News: IF you were planning a nice healthy dinner tonight, KFC’s new Popcorn Chicken deal might scupper all that.

From this week, the fast food chain is offering a bucket of 80 chicken bites for £5,99 – that’s 7.5p each.

The deal was previously trialled in Scotland before being brought to England for a limited time, according to website latestdeals.co.uk

Before the deal was launched, 30 pieces of Popcorn Chicken would usually cost £4.29.

KFC confirmed the deal on its Twitter account on Monday.

Ah go on then pic.twitter.com/ATwzSiDXIR

The Colonel’s Twitter account later added:

“Just to confirm: you don’t need the app to claim the offer.

“Just walk into your local restaurant and ask for the Popcorn Bucket because we’re nice like that.”

Check Out the video below:

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