KTM DOMINATION!! | MotoGP 2020 Game – Career Mode Part 78 (MotoGP 20 Gameplay)

Today, a few minutes ago a another great video entitled KTM DOMINATION!! | MotoGP 2020 Game – Career Mode Part 78 (MotoGP 20 Gameplay) was uploaded in the channel: Riotbox

As written in the youtube page by Riotbox: MotoGP 2020 Game!! \nMOTOGP 20 KTM CAREER! MotoGP 20 Career Mode is here for Season 8 with KTM.\nThis is the first season of MotoGP 20 where we race for KTM.\nMotoGP 2020 Game! MotoGP 2020 is back for season 8 of the MotoGP 20 Career Mode!\nIn this season of MotoGP 2020 we have signed for the factory KTM team and are going to be trying to defend our MotoGP 2020 world championship on the MotoGP 2020 Game.\n\n#MotoGP20 #MotoGP #MotoGP2020\n\nMotoGP 20 is here so stay tuned to the channel for weekly MotoGP 20 Career Mode and other MotoGP 20 Gameplay from the official MotoGP 2020 Game!\n\nThanks for watching and make sure to SUBSCRIBE for more MotoGP 2020 Game!\n\nFollow me on Instagram for some IRL content\n► https://www.instagram.com/_riotbox/\n\nFollow me on Twitter to talk to me or to never miss a video\n► https://twitter.com/Riotbox\n\nWant to become partnered with 90% Revenue Share?? (Partner with Curse)\n► https://www.unionforgamers.com/apply?referral=95vfjaagxgx09f\n\nWant cheap games? Get them here\n► https://www.g2a.com/r/riotbox\n\nProduction Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: \n► http://www.epidemicsound.com

Watch the video below:

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